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You can find many photos from the prior races here:

1) Vladimir Bukalo Photography . (Zenfolio album, thousands of photos)

2) Jack's photos from paddling CPs . (Flirk, 23 photos)

3) Team A-List/Too many kids . (Picasa, 15 photos)

4) Photos from racers and volunteers . (Picasa, 5 photos)

5) Calleva Race 2012 Video

6) Calleva Race 2014 Video

6) Calleva Race 2011 Video

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March 31, 2016 In Memory of Scott Pleban

Most of the folks in the Adventure Racing world knew Scott as one of the most respected navigators in the field. He was a genuinely fine human being who always raced hard and was a force to be reckoned with on a race course! He had a great sense of humor, played fair and was always there to encourage and support anyone interested in pursuing their dreams.

Outside of our AR community, Scott was “the World’s Greatest Uncle”, he was a bass player in jazz and rock bands, he loved spending time with his family in the Adirondack Mountains, he worked as a civilian engineer for the Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Dahlgren Naval Base, VA as a weapons system analyst, he competed in seven World Championship and World Cup Ski-Orienteering events and… he loved to use duct tape.

Scott, a cherished son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend and teammate, is greatly missed. We hope that this year’s Calleva Adventure Race, an event that Scott always looked forward to and loved to race, will honor his spirit and capture the essence what our thoughts and words have attempted to express.

Donations to the Concussion Innovation Fund at the University of Buffalo in memory of Scott Pleban can be done here.

Background - school/work

  • 1964 - DOB - 9-12-64, Buffalo, NY

  • 1982 - HS – West Seneca East Sr. HS

  • 1987 - College – UB, BS, Magnum cum Laude, duel degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering (first year of college at W. VA.)

  • 1992 - Grad – UB, Masters, mechanical engineering

  • 2003-2013 – work - civilian engineer for the Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Dahlgren Naval Base, VA working as a weapons system analyst

  • (work prior to 2003 - CT and CA working submarine defense for the Navy)

  • (work prior to 2003 – Old Forge, NY – moved there to  concentrate on cross country ski training (plus, loved the ADK) – worked as math teacher; trail map maker; ski/snowmobile trail designer, map maker, and groomer)


Selected Accomplishments

  • Navigator Extraordinaire

  • Denali (Mt. McKinley) – successful summit 2011

  • US Ski-O team - World Championships, competed in seven World Championships and World cups

    • 1999 - 2 bronze medal in Russia

    • 2008 - 1 bronze medal in Switzerland

  • 13 time US Ski-O champ

  • 2x Olympic Athlete of the Year in Ski-O

  • 5x USOF (US Orienteering Federation) Athlete of the Year, recognized by US Olympic Committee

  • Full Ironman – 11th in age group, 1988

  • Tactical Decathlon – gold medal, 2011, entrants included Navy Seals

  • Canoe Classic 90miler – ADK, multiple wins

  • USARA National Championships - 2011 - first place with Team SOG, navigator

AUG 14, 2014 Expert and Sports Maps Posted

View the maps from the Expert and Sport races from the 2014 race.

AUG 13, 2014 2014 Race Results Posted

We've posted the 2014 Race Results for sport and expert.

Thanks to everybody who came out for a great day of racing!

Jul 30, 2014 Racer Update #2

Greetings Calleva Racers.
With barely one day left for on-time registration, we wanted to send out another racer update. We still have a few spots left in both expert and sport categories so if your friends are on the fence, tell them to register ASAP! We have a few updates to pass along from our pre-run and few other logistical updates to pass along as well. Team Captains: make sure to pass this information on to your teammates as we don't have all the email addresses.

Pre-run updates
We did our course pre-run this past weekend and it definitely promises to be a fun and challenging course. Since the race is in August you’ll want to remember to bring plenty of water though we plan to have additional water available at all of the TAs. Bug spray and long socks/tights may also be a good idea as the summertime in the DC area will have its fair share of ticks and possible stinging nettles/poison ivy. Racers in our Expert category will definitely want to brush up on their navigation skills for the race.

Registration and Schedule Updates
We’ve updated the schedule on the website. Details are posted below as well. Note that this is an earlier arrival time than last year so plan accordingly!

  • 6:00 AM to 7:15 AM - Registration and Check-In opens at Riley's Lock. All team members must be present for check-in. Bibs, maps, number for bikes,and give-a-way stuff will be distributed to teams at the end of check-in.
  • 7:30 AM - Load buses for departure to race start
  • 8:30 AM - Race briefing
  • 9:00 AM - Race start
  • 7:00 PM - Official race finish
  • 7:00-8:00 Awards ceremony and after race food

Also, remember to bring your USARA membership card and number to registration. If you don’t have it with you, you’ll need to bring $8 for the single-event registration.
Updated Race Rules and Mandatory Gear Lists
We’ve updated the race rules and mandatory gear lists on the website. Mandatory gear is the same for both Experts and Sport this year. We removed a few items from the previous list and added a requirement for * 2 doses of Benadryl / generic allergy medicine to the first aid kit.
Sport Racer Navigation
For our beginner sport racers who want to get familiar with land navigation in adventure races, we highly recommend Mark Lattanzi’s Navigation Tips blog (http://www.navigationtips.com/wordpress/). There’s lots of good detail there. You can also check out the Quantico Orienteering Club site which more good detail for beginners. (http://qocweb.org/content/orienteering-technique-beginners
Transition Areas
This year’s race will feature several transition areas, however, aside from biking gear, you won’t be able to pre-position any gear or supplies. We will have extra water available at all of the TAs. Remember this race is unsupported, so plan to carry what you need.
Adding Racers/Changing Divisions
As registration is closing soon, now is the time to consider combining into teams. So far, we have limited competition in our 3/4-person Coed Expert category which is eligible for the grand prize (a USARA National Championship entry). If you’re interested in combining or joining a team or changing categories or divisions, send us an email ASAP and we can work with you.
This year we’re offering childcare to racers who need a place to stash their “little adventurers” while they are racing, through our primary sponsor Calleva Outdoor Adventures. The cost will be $20 for the first child and $10 for each additional child from the same family and is available for kids ages 4+. Calleva will be providing trained camp staff to supervise the youngsters during the race. If you’re interested, please send us a note at callevaracer@gmail.com so we can make sure we have enough staff available.
Race Roster
We’ve posted the latest race roster here . If you’re looking for additional teammates this is a good place to check. If you’d like to adjust your team composition, send us an email and we’ll work with you to get things sorted out. For teams that have never raced in a Calleva Adventure Race before, here is a link to maps, passports and rules of travel from the 2012 race to give you some ideas about how this all works. Don't forget to like us on our Facebook page.

Jul 16, 2014 Racer Update #1

We have a couple of updates we wanted to pass along as we’re now less than a month out from the race.
This year we’re offering childcare to racers who need a place to stash their “little adventurers” while they are racing, through our primary sponsor Calleva Outdoor Adventures. The cost will be $20 for the first child and $10 for each additional child from the same family and is available for kids ages 4+. Calleva will be providing trained camp staff to supervise the youngsters during the race. If you’re interested, please send us a note at callevaracer@gmail.com so we can make sure we have enough staff available.
Race Roster
We’ve posted the latest race roster here. If you’re looking for additional teammates this is a good place to check. If you’d like to adjust your team composition, send us an email and we’ll work with you to get things sorted out.
We’ll be doing our race pre-run in the next couple of weeks and will pass out more information to you then including any updates to the gear lists.
If you know of anyone looking for volunteer hours or who may be interested in learning a bit more about adventure racing, we will happily accept volunteers. Youth volunteers should be accompanied by an adult.
Race Shirts Our T-shirt order will go out in a few days, and there are few teams who haven’t provided shirt sizes for each racer. Just send us an email to update or you can update from your race registration confirmation link. Do it by July 21st to make sure you get the right size t-shirt!
Space Available We still have space available in both our Sport and Expert categories. This is a great chance to get your friends out for a fun day in the woods.
As usual, we will post some photos and maybe even videos from this year’s course on our Facebook page. “Like” us, if you want to receive this inside information!
More updates soon...

Jun 20, 2014 Less than 3 weeks left to register for the Calleva Adventure Race!

On-time registration for the 2014 Calleva Adventure Race ends on July 31st.
Greetings Calleva Racers! There’s less than 3 weeks left to register for the Calleva 2014 Adventure Race. In fact, we need to get the t-shirt order in next week so if you want to guarantee a t-shirt in a size that will fit, get your registration in by July 21st!
Don’t forget about some of this year’s cool race features:

  • Stand-up paddling for our Expert racers (optional for Sport)
  • Race day childcare (leave your “little adventurers” with us while you race)
  • USARA Regional Qualifier for the National Championship in Deep Creek, MD

  • Check-in and finish at Riley’s Lock, Poolesville, MD
  • Sunday, August 10, 2014
  • $110 per racer

USARA membership required for all racers. Single-event memberships available on race day for $8.

MAY 27, 2014 Child care on Race Day 2014!

For all you parents who want to race but can’t find somebody to watch your “little adventurers”, this year we’re going to take advantage of the awesome facilities and expert staff at our primary sponsor, Calleva Outdoor Adventures, to offer child care for camp-aged kids of racers on race day. We’ll include arts, crafts, adventure play, hikes and other fun for the kids while you’re off doing the race! Registration information will be provided as we get closer to race day.

Mar 22, 2014 2014 Calleva Adventure Race Registration Open Now!

Early registration for the 2014 Calleva Adventure Race is now available!
Register Now!
We’ve also got some exciting updates to pass along that we can’t wait to share. While we will still keep a few surprises up our sleeves, here are some updates on some exiting things coming to your Calleva Adventure Race:
4 x the fun! This year we’re excited to offer an additional 4-person division for both Sport and Expert categories. Now you don’t have to decide which of your 3 friends has to sit out. Everybody can race! Now accepting 4-person coed and single-gender teams! USARA Regional Qualifier: We’re excited to announce that our 2014 race will be a USARA Regional Qualifier for the 2014 USARA National Championship being held this year at Deep Creek Lake! Teams in our Expert Category, 3/ 4-person coed divisions can qualify and win the top prize, a $400 sponsorship toward the National Championships.
Family fun and Calleva Open House: We don’t want to spoil all the surprises just yet but this year we’re planning some family friendly events at the finish line at Riley’s Lock so plan to make it a family weekend and bring some extra spectators. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page !

JUL 23, 2013 The final update and check-in info

Now it’s your turn to get ready. First, please check the updated gear list (Sport, Expert), because we added one new item: Waterproof jacket. We have had an unusually wet summer and some afternoon rains can be really cold. We learned this the hard way, while setting up the course. We will make random gear checks during the race, please prepare everything to avoid penalties.
We did some final tweaks to the Sport category course. It’s a little longer now, but still much shorter than Expert course. To make it a little easier we will allow Sport category teams to stage one bin or bag in the middle of the race. You can put extra food, clothes, shoes or any other stuff there. Please don’t stage water; there will be an unlimited supply of tap water available at the location. Expert category racers are not going to have the luxury of staging transition bins and will do the entire course self-sufficiently.
Both Expert and Sport category teams will have several 8.5x11 inch maps. O-courses maps will have the scale 1:15000, other maps 1:24000. All checkpoints are pre-plotted on all maps, but you still might need a highlighter to mark your course. There will be one supplemental map as well. All maps, passports and rules of travel are printed on waterproof and tear proof paper, but you still have to protect all these papers from the elements.
Check-in will start around 7 am. Follow volunteers’ instructions to park your cars. Carpool, if possible. Please print and fill out the race waiver and waiver for minors , if you have a minor on your team. To make the process faster, please come to the check-in area with the forms, bikes, biking helmets and biking shoes. Make sure your helmet and shoes are securely attached to your bike; Calleva is not responsible for lost or damaged gear. Leave all other stuff in your cars, you will have enough time to get it after check in and before the race starts. You can attach water battles to your bikes, but please no food. At the end of the check-in you will get your bibs and maps. Around 8 am we will have a briefing and answer all your questions. We will transport you to the start. The race will start at 9 am. You will start on foot.

That’s all for now, the race is officially sold out and on-line registration is closed. If you know some other teams that want to register, we still might have a few spots. Please email us (callevaracer@gmail.com) for details. Visit our facebook page to see some fresh photos from the course..

JUL 23, 2013 Call for Volunteers

The 2013 Calleva Race is less than 2 weeks away and, as the race entrants list fills up, we need your help to make this year's race a success! We need volunteers for the morning before the race, during the race, as racers finish and for help after the finish to clean up. Please note that there is no minimum amount of time for volunteering and that any amount helps! We have opportunities big and small! We are looking for volunteers for:

Race Day Morning: (7:00am to 9:00am)

  • Help set up race HQ
  • Work packet pick up and hand out swag on race morning
  • Distribute maps
During Calleva Race: (9:00am to 7:00pm)
  • Help at checkpoints and transition areas during the race (a great opportunity for family members of racers and a lot of fun)
  • Help loading bikes and moving canoes and kayaks
Finish Line: (5:00pm to 8:00pm)
  • Work the finish line, collecting information as teams come in
  • Process finish line data
  • After race clean up
We are so grateful to all of the volunteers that come out and support Calleva and our racers! To show our thanks, all volunteers will get a race t-shirt and post-race food. Middle and high school students can get up to 8 hours of community service for helping us with the race, but every student must be accompanied by adult.
Volunteers make the Calleva Race possible and help us to keep our entry fees among the lowest in the country (and our volunteers have a great time in the process!) We hope that you can help us out this year.
To get more info, please send us an email, or just come Sunday morning (8:30 am or earlier), August 4th to the race HQ at 13015 Riley's Lock Rd Poolesville, MD 20837.
Hope that you are able to come out and volunteer for the 2013 Calleva Race!

Jul 11, 2013 Calleva Race pre-run report and race updates

This weekend Brian and Robin did the expert course vetting in real racing conditions with real maps, passports and course description. Here are some recommendations they prepared for you:

· Be ready to decide whether you want to spend more time trekking/orienteering or paddling. You may want to think strategically what will get you the most points. It may vary by team depending on your strengths. Be sure to consider river current and air temperature.

· Because there are more than enough points don't spend too much time searching for one point. If you can't find it move on and start working on the next point.

· Brush is not as bad as years past but I was glad my legs were covered at times. Not as much Poison Ivy but lots of Stinging Nettle.

· Trails are almost always faster than bushwhacking even it means going out of your way a little. Try to maximize your time on trails. The forest can be thick. Sometimes it is clear though.

· Lots of creek crossings, but if it’s as hot as the vetting then you will appreciate being able to cool down in the creeks so much.

  • Awesome single track riding. Wish there was more.

· Biking is fairly straight forward but you still want to be aware of where you are on the map so you don't accidentally get lost.

  • Make sure to plan ahead so that you finish on time.

· My general impression was that there would be a lot of routes for people to travel, a lot of decisions to be made early on about what to skip, and people will be crisscrossing each other all day.

· The stinging nettle was something, I was very uncomfortable on Sunday night and I think it was from not wearing pants on that last O course. (Which was 100% my choice/mistake, I know!)
A few notes from the race director:
Sport category racers, you will have 2-3 miles of simple single track mountain biking. That is in addition to paved and gravel road biking. Please be ready! Expert racers will ride about 20 miles, mostly on single track. The longest time Expert and Sport racers will spend will be trekking and navigating several o-courses. If you like to get lost your total trekking (running) distance could approach 20+ miles for Experts and 10-15 miles for Sport. If you don’t feel confident navigating in the forest, you can skip many land check points and try your paddling skills instead. Navigation on the water is easier, but attempting to collect all paddling check points might increase your paddling distance by 3-5 miles. The major difference of this year’s race compared to all previous years: The Expert course is very long and is impossible to clear in 10 hours (we estimate 12 hours should be enough for a very strong team). You will have to make strategic decisions what to skip, especially at the early stages of the race, when you still have choices and are not running against the cut-off time. Sport category, your course is significantly shorter and some strong (Expert level) teams might be able to collect all check points. For teams that have never raced Calleva Race before, here is a link to last year’s maps, passports and rules of travel. This year the race will be in the same format, but in different location.
Attention Expert category SOLO racers. It is easier to finish the race as a team. Some of you may want to join and create a team. If so, send us an email about yourself and your skills and we will send it to all other solo racers. T-shirt order will go out in a few days, please update your sizes . Just send us an email to update.

As usual, we will post some photos and maybe even videos from this year’s course on our Facebook page. “Like” us, if you want to receive this inside information!

The race is less than one month away. See you August 4th.

JUN 30, 2013 Ready for pre-run

The final expert course is ready and that can only mean one thing- pre-run next week! Now we are just hoping that the weather improves and rain passes so we can have a great time on the course. Meanwhile, we are working on the final design for the t-shirts. The order will go out in about 10 days and that is your last chance to register and guarantee the size you want.

If you already registered, please check the race roster to verify that we have your size listed correctly. If you need to update your or your teammate’s size please send us email.

MAY 7, 2013 The first O-Course Preview

The draft of the first O-Course is ready and was tested out this weekend! Featuring steep climbs, water crossings, and plenty of bushwhacking, the course will challenge racers navigation skills in a beautiful environment of diverse terrain. The o-course covers about 10 miles (if you going to collect all optional CPs) with roughly 1,200' of climbing. You can easily increase the distance by getting lost a few times. Both Expert and Sport category racers will go for at least part of this o-course. We don't want to give away too much info, but rest assured the course will be fun and tough!

Here are a few preview pics to whet your appetite:

Racers will cross this and other streams - maybe multiple times!

Some open spaces will allow for straight-line bushwhacking

MAY 17, 2013 Calleva Race Registration is OPEN !

We are glad to announce the opening of registration for the 6th annual Calleva Adventure Race. This year we will have two categories: EXPERT for advanced racers and SPORT for strong athletes with limited experience in adventure racing. Both categories will have up to 10 hours to complete the course. 2013 race is open for teams of 1, 2 and 3 racers.

EXPERT race disciplines include:

  • Mountain Bike: 15 miles, at least half will be single track.
  • Hike/run: 7 miles minimum.

· Paddle: 2-3 miles minimum, all on slow moving water. Teams will paddle canoes, solo racers white water kayaks. All paddling gear are provided.

· Navigation: Easy for mandatory part of the course, much harder for optional check points. You will have to navigate at every stage of the race, including paddling.

SPORT race disciplines include:

· Mountain Bike: 10 miles on roads and gravel roads with short optional sections on single track.

  • Hike/ run: 5 miles minimum.

· Paddle: 2 miles minimum, all on slow moving water. Teams will paddle canoes, solo racers white water kayaks. All paddling gear are provided.

· Navigation: Mandatory part is trivial. Bonus sections are similar to the expert course.
Check-in and finish are at Riley’s Lock. Start will be at a new, undisclosed location. Last year start was at Point of Rocks, MD, 20 miles straight line from the finish. This year start will be inside this 20 miles radius as well. Gear lists (sport and export) are updated for 2013!

To save you some bucks, Calleva is providing its own secure online payment service, eliminating fees to a third party provider. Registration is $85 per racer till May 31, $110 from June 1 to July 31 and $135 after that. The registration is open to the first 50 racers in each category. Online registration will close July 31.

JAN 17, 2013 Calleva Race 2013. Official Announcement.

As new years resolutions are begging to take shape, what better way to keep your motivation going than to start filling your race calendar for 2013!

So, mark your calendar: Calleva Race 2013 will start at 9am on August 4th.

An amazing opportunity to race near the nation's capital, with race check-in and finish - just 20 miles from the White House!
This year will feature a completely new course: more remote and rugged than ever before. Although it may be hard to top the aqueduct checkpoint from 2012, be ready for a new race location and many surprises!
As in years past, we will have both Expert and Sport categories for varying levels of experience. Both categories will be 10 hours of challenging adventure with twists and turns, sweet singletrack and challenging adventure for everyone from the new racers to even the most experienced teams! While Calleva Race may be a great training race or preparation for a 24 hour or longer expedition race for some participant and an introduction for others, here are some things to keep in mind for what makes Calleva race great for all racers:

For 5 years at Calleva Race we have NEVER:

  • Used the same TA or CP location twice
  • Biked on the same single track
  • Had an o-course in the same park
  • Misplaced or had a missed CP

For 5 years at Calleva Race we ALWAYS:

  • Build unique courses
  • Create the best custom made maps
  • Provide full support and transportation
  • Provide canoes and all paddling gear

It's going to be a great race! (and only one hint: single track and lots of it. Get ready!)

Check out last year's race pictures and video to get a better understanding of what to expect.

Early registration will open in March. Thanks to our generous sponsors.

Looking forward to seeing you all in August at the starting line!

OCT 8, 2012 Calleva Race Video and Markoff’s Haunted Forest Update
Greetings racers.

Fall is here and cold weather erases memories of hot and humid Calleva Race day. Here is short reminder of 10 hours of running, biking and paddling you had this summer. Good way to feel the excitement once again and to get ready for the next year race. Mark your calendar for August 4th, 2013. We are already in full swing of preparations for the next year.

Meanwhile, if you want to get warm in this cold weather, the famous Markoff’s Haunted Forest is open. Some of you had been brave enough to punch the aqueduct CP at this year race, have won free Haunted Forest tickets. Now it’s the time to use them. The Forest is open every weekend in October.

Come in costume and join the walkers as they invade our farm & forest... nightly prizes go to the best dressed... remember this is also a prom! Zombie’s prom ...

SEP 3, 2012 THANKS!
From Steve Smith, team "What Were We Thinking".

Dima, Tamir and all the others-

Thanks again for putting on the Calleva race. We will see you next year. Great course, as always.

Attached is a picture of one of the backpacks that our team won. I am in Glacier Natl Park and used it for back country camping (OK, maybe it is a little overstuffed) and it worked great. Very lightweight and a great fit. I used it as a carry on bag and I got a compliment on it before I even got onto the plane. Sweet backpack.

Please thank the sponsor that provided it.

AUG 30, 2012 Getting ready for 2013!

Well, the 5th annual Calleva Adventure is another one for the books. Thanks to all of the adventure racers, volunteers and sponsors who helped make it such a great success. It took us the whole year to prepare this year's race and we think it was our best course design so far. The race started 20 miles in a straight line from the finish, but most teams traveled more than 40 miles to get to the final destination. Every year we try to include new and challenging twists into the race and this year we were excited about the mountain bike time trial and paddling with bikes in the canoes. (There are rumors already about next year's Calleva Race...something about standing paddle boards...)

Regardless of your standing in the results or whether or not you were able to cross the finish line, you should be incredibly proud of yourselves for tackling the challenging course in such hot and humid conditions (not to mention the thunderstorm!).

Vlad and Oleg have once again outdone themselves on action shots from the race. All photographs from the race are available for viewing and purchasing at Vladimir Bukalo photography . There are more links to photos in the right column. Please send along links to your own photos and race reports as it is great to get an inside glimpse from the racers' perspective as we plan for next year! (Send all complaints about the race to your local congressman.) We will start working on the race video soon and will send it out with the Markoff Haunted Forest update, so stay tuned. (Don't forget that many of you now have free tickets to the Haunted Forest so we hope to see you out there!)

Race results may also be viewed via EXPERT, SPORT . Congratulations again to the winners and finishers! Teams A-List/Too many kids and Zanakana, in addition to their prizes, have a free entry to the 2013 Calleva adventure race for winning the prime division in Expert and Sport categories. Congratulations guys!

Good luck with the rest of your race season and we look forward to seeing you next year!

AUG 12, 2012 The final and verified race results coming soon

The race results will be published this week. We verified all passports, but there are some technical difficulties to put all together. For now please check the race photos from Vladimir Bukalo photography More photos are on the team Calleva FaceBook page . Many more photos coming.

JUL 30,2012 The final race update and check-in info.

We are less than a week from the race! Maps and passports are printed, prizes from the race sponsors have arrived, and everything is ready for race day. The only question remaining is whether it will be hot... or ridiculously hot! Registration is still open and we’re extending the online registration until midnight Friday, August 3rd for the procrastinators (don't miss out on the fun!).

We are excited to announce that OutThere USA is now a sponsor for the Calleva Adventure Race together with NRS , HTO , CAMP , and Immersion Research

. It means that in addition to our cool prizes, somebody will bring home the most advanced adventure racing backpack in the world, the AS-1 pack, designed by Mike Kloser. Mike also offers pro-pricing on the packs in advance of the race to all Calleva racers. Pro-deal Pricing is as follows: AS-1 $134; MS-1 $109.

We have a lot of competition but many prizes this year. Not only the top three first places in each category and division will receive prizes, but also the fastest teams in our new mountain bike single track time trial will get a special prize. Make sure your bikes are ready! In addition this year we will have after_the_ race raffle and AS-1 backpack will be one of the raffle items!

Calleva Race is part of the CheckPoint Tracker national series. Expert category teams will be able to earn up to 50 points towards their Checkpoint Tracker points total. You must create your team profile before the race to earn the points!


Check-in will be from 7 to 7:40 am. (Don't be late as we are transporting you to the start!)

  • All teammates and their bikes must be present to begin and complete the check-in. Please print and pre-fill out the race waiver (one per team) and waiver for minors as appropriate (one per minor). Having these waivers ready will significantly speed up your check-in process.
  • We will not check your gear at the check-in, but we will check during the race. Please have all mandatory gear ready
  • To make check-in process fast, come to the check-in with your waiver forms and bikes only. You don’t need to bring your backpacks, biking shoes or helmets. (Unless you just like to carry things.)
  • After you submit the forms we will give you numbers to attach to your bikes.
  • At the end of the check-in you will get your bibs (but not maps)
  • Take all your team's bikes (after you have attached your numbers) to a trailer for loading. DO NOT ATTACH SHOES AND HELMETS TO YOUR BIKES.
  • Your bikes will be transported to a bike transition area (you will not have access to them at the race start).
  • Take your biking shoes and helmets and the rest of your gear with you on the bus (see start details below).


  • At 7:40 am all racers must load the buses.
  • Your team will get race maps and documentation at the entrance to the bus. From this moment you will officially be in the race, please do not use cell phones!
  • Before the race start you will stage your biking shoes and helmets (that you carried on the bus) at the start location and pick them up after the prologue. You must carry the rest of your gear on the prologue.
  • The pre-race briefing will be near the start.
  • You will start the race at 9:00 am on foot with a prologue.
  • At the end of the prologue you will get your passports (with clues included).
  • You will then pick up your shoes and helmets and start the race.
  • All racing maps will be 100% pre-plotted. Major maps are printed on 11x17 inch paper and have scale 1:24000. All race documents, maps and passports are printed on waterproof paper, but we still recommend keeping them dry.

Please return your racing bibs after the finish. We recycle them to help the environment and to keep registration fees low.

Email us for any question and to update t-shirt sizes (if necessary).

Updated race roster is here.
We will assign bib number on Friday.
Visit our Facebook page to get some secret info about the race.
We hope you enjoy your tapering this week (don't forget to hydrate!) and wish you luck this Sunday!

JUL 11, 2012 Calleva Race pre-run report and race updates.

This weekend Brian and Steven from team SOG did the expert course pre-run in real racing conditions with real maps, passports and course description. The temperature was 100+, humidity just 100%, but they managed to clear the course in 10 hours. Here are course review comments and some photos by the official Calleva race photographer Vladimir Bukalo.

  • Great course. Navigation was challenging. Terrain was challenging. A lot of different activities to make it fun.
  • If it is hot beware of overheating especially with the increased difficulty of the terrain and when you are riding roads you are really exposed to the sun. Get in the water and creeks and use them to cool you off.
  • Make sure you have enough water. Don't pass up a chance to get water unless you KNOW you can get it somewhere else.
  • Consider wearing sunglasses. You do some road riding and some on pretty heavily used dirt roads. When cars pass they can kick up a lot of dirt.
  • You and your gear will get wet. It is impossible to avoid. You probably will even swim. If you have something you need to keep dry (like a map) make sure it is safe and secure.
  • Contour lines that are very close together often mean impassable cliffs, beware and plan accordingly.
  • Bike riding isn't super tricky. If it is dry your tires don't need to be super nobby.
  • There are several places on the course where you may be stuck waiting to move in the direction you want. Utilize any downtime you have (eat, reorganize gear, study maps, etc.). At the same time be creative and find other ways to accomplish your task or continue moving in the right direction.
  • Keep yourself cool (in the shade) and relaxed whenever possible. Save all your energy for the race.
  • I recommend a water proof pen/sharpie, we had a sharpie which worked well, the passport is water proof but a normal pen might run.

A few notes from the race director:

  • Both SPORT and EXPERT categories will paddle canoes with bikes. Two bikes and 2 people per canoe.
  • SPORT course is very similar to the EXPERT one. Just shorter and no cliffs to climb or go around.

Pay attention to the schedule change:
7:00 AM - Registration and Check-In opens at Riley's Lock. All team members must be present for check-in. Bibs, number for bikes,and give-a-way stuff will be distributed to teams at the end of check-in.
  • 7:30 AM - Loading buses. You will get maps at the entrance to the bus.
  • 8:30 AM - Race briefing near the start location.
  • 9:00 AM - Race starts.
  • 7:00 PM - Official race finish at Riley's Lock.
  • 7:00-8:00 PM Awards ceremony and after race food at Riley's Lock.
The race course is long. The vetting team spent roughly 4.5 hours running/hiking, 4 hours biking, and 1.5 hour paddling. Sport category has only about half of running/hiking sections, but the same biking. And there are no optional biking check points, except the 5 miles of single track! Make sure you can bike and your bike is in good working condition. There is one HUGE uphill on the bike.
You will paddle 14-15 feet canoes. Please make sure you know how to fit your bikes inside and prepare some ropes or straps to secure your bikes.
  • Biking front light and rear red light (in case you get lost).
  • Handlebar mounted bell or horn (a few bucks in Walmart).
The race is less than one month away. We are ready for you!
Some additional race info and photos are on our Facebook page.
See you August 5th!

MAY 17, 2012 Paddling canoe with bikes!

This year we're adding a new challenge to the race course: all racers, in both Sport and Export category will paddle canoes with their bikes. That's not our invention, there are many races around that require putting mountain bikes into canoe. So how to fit two people, two backpacks and two bikes into one canoe? For an advice we went to our friends from Odyssey Adventure Racing, where Mark Lattanzi, of Team ImONPoint.org - Odyssey Adventure Racing, was kind enough to share some ideas. Please note, Mark's instructions below are for real white water paddling. This year Calleva Race is all flat, slow moving water, but you still will have an opportunity to capsize your canoe, just try it harder :-)

" I've been asking to reflect upon my experiences with putting mountain bikes into canoes in an adventure race. There are three major things to keep in mind when do this:
1) Make sure all the pieces parts are tied in with runners, ropes, or whatever. Don't leave anything loose! With Odyssey race courses, you will most likely regret it.
2) Keep the center of mass of the bikes as low as possible. Canoes are tippy. When going through rapids, it is common to kneel in the bottom of the bottom to reduce the tippiness of the canoe. The same applies to the bikes. You want them as low as possible. This means getting the frames under the cross bars. You're going to have to remove both tires to achieve this and sometimes even that is not enough.
3) Make sure you leave enough space for you and your teammates to comfortably paddle. Try to leave spaces for the back person to slide their feet into so they can make a full paddle stroke. For the front person, make sure that none of the bikes are poking into their butt/back (or can slide forward and do so).
Specifically, I ride a 29er. So I pair my larger frame up with the smallest frame on the team. I put the large frame in first (under the crossbars). Next I try to get the second frame underneath as well. I use a three or four 2-3ft runners (it's good to have a variety of lengths) and cheap biners (8-10 of them!) to secure the frames.
For larger bikes, I sometimes have to lower the seats or even take the seat posts completely off. If I do that, I make sure to have a spare bag (dry bag) to put the seats into so they won't get lost in the event of a capsize. Next, I stick the wheels in the various spaces around and on top of the frames trying to keep them as low as possible. I use a couple more runners to hold the wheels in. Make sure that the skewers on the wheels aren't so loose that they will come off. Losing them in the water is a catastrophe. If I'm really worried, I'll take them out of the wheels and put them into a dry bag as well.
It's well worth figuring out how the bikes will fit into your boat before the actual race. It's very frustrating to have to put them in and out several times during the race to get them situated adequately.
That's about it. See everyone at the race!"

APR 20, 2012 In need for a good training for Calleva Race 2012?
Our friends from Virginia have this great event for you!:
Saturday, May 19, 2012, 9:00 am
James River Park, near Richmond, VA

Come and test your physical and mental abilities as you navigate through Richmond and its beautifully rugged James River Park. This adventure race is a multisport event where not only will your speed be tested, but also your capacity to work as a team, read a map and compass, make the right decisions, and endure along a course through the entire park system. Plan to spend 8 to 9 hours riding, running, and paddling, from an undisclosed start line to the finish line on Tredegar Street in the middle of Dominion Riverrock!

FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit: www.dominionriverrock.com

MAR 15, 2012 Calleva Race Registration is OPEN!

We are glad to announce the opening of registration for the 5th annual Calleva Adventure Race. The Race is scheduled for Sunday, August 5th. Come prepared for a really fun and challenging course!

This year we will have two categories: EXPERT for advanced racers and SPORT for strong athletes with limited experience in adventure racing. Both categories will have up to 10 hours to complete the course.

Race disciplines include:

  • 3-8 miles of hiking/running on dirt roads, trails and plenty of bushwhacking (Sport category will be a little shorter)
  • 20-25 miles of biking on paved and gravel roads as well as technical single track
  • 5-6 miles of paddling on flat moving water with bikes in canoe
  • A little bit of swimming and water crossing

This year's race will have significant elevation gain but a little easier navigation. The race has a point to point modified rogain format with a remote start. It will finish at the check-in location at Riley's Lock. We will bus all racers to the start, move your bikes between transitions and provide all paddling gear for the race.

This year race is open to teams of 2 and 4 racers only. Click REGISTRATION tab on the top of the screen to see instructions and all registration options.

Early registration is only $75 without any additional 3rd party fees.These registration fees include canoes and paddling gear for all teams, t-shirts, post race food, bus transportation and the most exciting race in the Washington, DC metro area.

JAN 10, 2012 Calleva Race 2012. The official announcement.

Greetings Racers!

The holidays are over and the time has arrived to start filling in your calendar with race dates for 2012!

Calleva Race 2012 is scheduled for Sunday August 5th and is once again going to be 10 hours of challenging adventure for even the most experienced teams. This year's race will be in a completely new area! The race format will be point to point modified ROGAIN with a remote start (we will transport all racers and gear) and finish at the check-in location (Riley’s Lock). Race disciplines will include running, mountain biking and paddling (all paddling gear will be provided). Be ready to navigate at every stage of the race: on and off trail, in water, and on road.

As in years past, we will have both EXPERT and SPORT for varying levels of experience.

Check out last year's race video to get a better understanding of what to expect:

There will no tubes this year :-)

Thanks to our generous sponsors we will keep the same low registration fees of $75 per racer! Registration will be open in March

Calleva Adventure Race is supported and sponsored by Calleva Outdoor Adventure and by team Calleva Adventure Racing.

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We provide an annual adventure race that gives athletes the opportunity to test their limits or just have a fun day banging through the woods, pedaling through beautiful countryside, and paddling our local waterways. (For most it is a combination of both!) With two categories: sport and expert , the race can be a challenging match for all takers. Register now, before it is too late!

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  • Thank you very much for putting on a great race. We had a blast and look forward to the next one.
  • Great race!!! Can not wait to do it again next year.
  • Thank you for the amazing race you put on this past Sunday. Incredible inaugural race!
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